How does Experiant operate?

First, we’ll come out and do a completely free assessment of your environment. We will produce a report that gives you a complete understanding of your entire network along with a list of itemized recommendations sorted by importance, regardless of whether or not you choose to engage us as your IT provider. This report will be in plain English – not in nerd-speak – so that you clearly understand what each issue is and how it affects your business.

Once you’ve got that report, we’ll sit down with you to go over each item and figure out a plan of how to tackle each issue. We’ll come up with a project proposal and maximum pricing so that you can plan your budget around any changes and since you’ll never pay more than what’s estimated, you no longer need to worry that there may be cost overruns.

Do you bill us hourly or do we sign a contract?

For the first 3-4 months, we operate on an hours-only basis. This is so that we can deal with your pain points first, while at the same time getting a true understanding of your network and your company’s needs with regards to its computer systems. Once the initial 3-4 month period is over, we will look at typical support volumes and come up with a contract that fits your business.

What does a contract include?

All of our contracts include 24/7 monitoring for all critical services and unlimited break/fix support which may include on-site visits and/or remote sessions. We include everything and the kitchen sink because we want you to let us know all of your issues, not just the ones you can afford to fix right now. Since everything is included, you no longer need to worry about whether today’s support call can fit in your budget – you have the security of knowing that if there’s an issue, it’s just going to be fixed.

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