Meet The Team
Justin Smith

Having worked in the industry for nearly 15 years, Justin has mastered the art of working smarter, not harder. He’s spent his entire life trying to find more efficient ways of doing things. When he’s not doing IT, he’s mentoring other IT folks on best practices. He’s also been known to pick up the guitar and a camera from time to time.

Matt Baker

With over 16 years of dedicated infrastructure support, Matt is one of Calgary’s best IT analysts, period. Specializing in storage and backup best practices, Matt is the ideal person to help reorganize your environment to minimize downtime while streamlining your processes and maximizing the value of your IT investment. You can ask him about your car’s engine problems too!

Carmel Wayborn
Administrative Assistant

A veteran of Canadian Blood Services donor coordination team, Carmel is the quintessential office manager slash administrative assistant slash executive tamer. She is quite literally the only reason stuff ever gets done around here. She REALLY likes paper and numbers (not necessarily in that order).

Chad Hardcastle
Systems Engineer

Chad is a 5 year veteran of the IT industry, with a focus on virtualization and all things Windows. He’s the guy you want on your side when your email is on the fritz or your file server is bluescreening. When he’s not slinging keyboard commands at uncooperative servers, you can usually find him composing and producing a plethora of music of the electronic flavor.

Kevin Smith
VP, Government Affairs

Kevin worked in the public sector for 35 years and brings with him a wealth of procurement experience. Now in private enterprise, he is able to leverage his knowledge of governmental processes and methods to help them obtain the best ROI on the public’s money. In his personal time, he is able to leverage his knowledge of rotational mechanics and ball trajectory physics to improve his golf game.